On the Beach

On the Beach

As I stand here on the beach,

a flock of seagulls just out of reach,

the scene appears to be in black and white,

because of the extreme brightness of the light.

I love to walk along this way,

around the edges of the bay.

I feel the breeze, I feel at ease.

I smell the seaweed and the salty air.

My restless mind is calmed and left without a care.

What's here is more than words can explain.

Something priceless on which no-one has a claim.

Yet something in which everyone can share.

We're all its guardians. We all should care.

No real humans in this video. Text just feed into a machine to generate video and sound. It's getting harder to tell what is real and what is not.

If you want to read the poem without the sound just click on the image to stop it playing.

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