Sunset at Salthill - The work of the Creator

Sunset at Salthill - The work of the Creator.

Just before the day turns into night,

there's a changing of the light.

From normal hues of blues and grey,

erupts a momentary display

of fiery reds, and crimsons and gold.

A magnificent sight to behold.

The view is distinct, unique and like no other.

The sky is wild in a riot of colour.

The promenaders stop to stare.

Photographers set their cameras with great care,

to catch the vibrant colour pallet.

A master piece from the Creator.

The spectators are from far and wide.

Barely a ripple on the tide.

The sea is calm, as are the silhouettes around the Tower.

I think it is a mystic hour.

In this moment each of us a spectator,

witnessing the glory of the Creator.

The scene around the Diving Tower,

this display we witness has a power,

a power to calm us and inspire,

our earthly thoughts to something higher.

These few minutes as day fades into night,

this brief time at the changing of the light,

is a time to escape all in life that's frantic.

Here at the edge of the vast Atlantic,

here where land adjoins the sea,

is a time and place to simply be.

And marvel at the work of the Creator.

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